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Comedy: "Curses!*#*}#"- Registration@ 1747397

Premise: a zany comedy similar to the Farrelly Brother’s  sense of style, and is based very loosely on the fan interference of the Chicago Cubs run for the playoffs in 2003.
Chicagoen -Teddy Bochetti is down on his luck and he blames this on a curse that his grandfather bestowed on his family. Just when things appear to be turning around for the man he interferes with a foul ball which could have gotten the Chicago Cubs a victory and a spot into the World Series.
After this incident, everything good in the Teddy’s life spirals back downward.
Troubles occur with his father, fiancée, his best friend, and his boss. The man does not know whom he can trust or who in his life can make his unrewarding life better.
Only Bochetti  himself (and a little help from an unexpected ghost) can turn things around.

In Progress

Completed Original Screenplays

Comedy: "Russell's Roller Rink"

Premise: An extremely grumpy man, absolutely disgusted with his life, wins the states lottery and decides to purchase a roller skating rink in order to try and relive the only time in his life he was truly happy. The issues that arrive and the people along the way, just may make matters worse.

Drama: "Bemmie"- Registration #1746504

Premise: A family in the Midwest brings in a homeless man to perform odd jobs in the family business to help out the man in need. After a freak accident with the family's youngest child, the homeless man springs into action to save the boys life. We come to learn that the man was once a successful surgeon and the family (mainly the young son) strives to help this man remember his past and get his life back.

Note:I am currently rewriting this story as my first novel attempt.

Horror:  "All Inn"- Registration# 1520636

Premise: a group of well known A list celebrities from the Entertainment and Poker industries are invited to a high profile televised poker tournament in Northern California.  Which turns to a weekend of terror, as the guests all become aware that the hotel is haunted. What’s to fear more, the spirits of the hotel or the cast they have to associate with?

Action: "Cecilia, The"- Registration# 1746010

Premise:A college student, Joseph Giratti, inherits a mansion in the deep woods of Alabama and all the belongings within the house from his grandparents. It’s rumored that his grandparents once ran an illegal gambling operation in the home. Will the boy follow in his Grandparents footsteps? And if so, will he encounter the same obstacles they endured, and who can be trusted?

Drama: "Giving Back"

Premise: An A-lister actor just about to start filming the biggest action film of his career, suddenly decides to place his life on hold in order to use his resources and dedication to help rebuild his hometown in Iowa after a devastating tornado destroys it. The temporary pause in his life may become more permanent as he starts to realize what he really wants in life.

Romantic Comedy: "You Found Me"- Registration# 1465739

Premise: A writer makes the move from the Midwest to California with the hopes of becoming a working screenwriter. Although concentrating on his career, love comes into his life and he has to make a decision on what route he wants to take. A reality star with connections in the entertainment industry or an average girl next door that he connects with extremely well. Helping this character make these tough decisions is a cast of friends and family bringing humor to the situation.

Action: "Don't Speak"- Registration# 1745578

Premise:The sons of a influential politician in Oregon are constantly abused until they can no longer handle it. The young boys fake their own kidnapping and eventual deaths in order to extort money from their father and make sure he is no longer part of their lives. They devote the next twenty some years in improving their knowledge and physical statue in order to become vigilantes in the efforts of other abused children whose abusers fall through the cracks of the judicial system

Drama: "Hold On Forever" - Registration # 1770809/ "Road Ahead, The" Registration# 1858710

Premise: When a young singer's country singing legend husband dies in a car accident and his secret past is revealed, she sets off on an uplifting journey with the teenage son her husband never met to discover a man neither of them truly knew.