"The Road Ahead" has been optioned by "Inner Image Productions" and has obtained an incredible director "Kryzz Gautier" as well as the talented actor "Reece Thompson".
We are currently looking for additional funding, if interested, please contact me at jeff_gaetano@yahoo.com

Awesome song Lyric

"Baby and that red dress, brings me to my knees....Oh, but that black dress, makes it hard to breathe"

Die A Happy Man- Thomas Rhett  Written by John Ward, Sean Douglas and Thomas Rhett.

P. Jeffrey Gaetano

"The Road Ahead" is an adaptation to my original screenplay "Hold On Forever"

When a young singer's country legend husband dies in a car accident and his secret past is revealed, she sets off on an uplifting journey with the teenage son he never met to discover together a man neither of them truly knew.

"If you can't live it...write about it"